5 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

December 26, 2017

I am guilty of not drinking as much water as my body needs. I consume a lot of soda, juice and milk tea. Imagine the amount of sugar that goes into my system. The real reason I want to own a journal from Mercury Drug was the Water Tracker 30-day Drinking Challenge in on of it's pages. Well, the Sleep Monitor is another reason but it deserves another article. 

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I am also very aware that the first two weeks is the most difficult. In order for me (and for you if you decide to join me in this journey) be more convinced why I should drink more water, I'm listing five reasons.

1. People who drink more water are happier.

Dehydration can affect your mood. Our brain and heart is composed of 73% water. The brain sends signals that affects our emotion. Those who drink more water are less cranky compared to those who don't. We can have a more harmonious relationship with people if we feel good all the time.

2. People who drink more water have healthy skin.

Don't you sometimes feel like your skin looks dull when you look at the mirror? I used to think that may be because I am already in my 40s and my skin's condition is starting to deteriorate. No amount of moisturizer seem to address my concern. It's because we need to nourish from the inside. Insufficient amount of water can make your skin dry and flaky. You will be more prone to having wrinkles if you have dry skin.

3. People who drink more water have better physical performance.

Water helps increase your energy level. Your body cannot function properly if you are dehydrated. Our muscles have 75% water. That is why athletes and those who perform physical activities need to drink sufficient water to replace the fluid they lose in their bodies otherwise they will suffer from fatigue.

4. People who drink more water can lose weight easily.

How many times have you reached out for an unhealthy snack because you feel like you are craving for something to eat but the truth is that you are just thirsty? Did you know that keeping yourself hydrated can help you suppress the craving? Drinking more water instead of sugar loaded beverages is also a  sure way to lose weight. After all, water is the healthiest drink option. 

5. People who drink more water are less likely to have migraine attacks.  

I've been suffering from headache for five consecutive days and I've learned that insufficient water intake can cause nasty headaches. People who are also having a difficulty sleeping need to drink more water. 

There is really no strict rule that you should only drink eight glasses of water a day. You can drink more if your body needs more. Never wait to become thirsty before you drink water. Be alert and know when your body is showing signs of dehydration.