Stress and Other Factors That Cause Migraine Attacks

December 21, 2017

I've been having migraine attacks in the past five days and it's very disabling. I've been thinking if the holiday stress is solely responsible. I'm guilty of doing last minute shopping even though I keep telling myself year after year to start early. The long queue at the cashier and the traffic can really test your patience. Last Tuesday, transferring from one mall to another is usually a 10 minute drive (and I have tried walking before and it took me 30 minutes) but I had to brave the traffic for 90 minutes! 

Aside from stress, hormonal changes in women can also trigger migraine. I'm expecting my period any time now. A drop in estrogen level can cause headaches before and during period. (And I am now having cramps). Women who are taking contraceptives or into HRT also report having migraine attacks.

The food we eat may trigger migraine. These include aged cheese, MSG, salty food, processed food, and artificial sweeteners. Skipping meals is also responsible for the attack. I'm guilty on indulging on cheese.

The change in weather is also to be blame. The weather in my country is now crazy and unpredictable. It changes like a fickle-minded woman. It's cold and raining then suddenly the sun will shine so bright and before you know it, it's raining again. 

Have you been experiencing migraine too? How do you manage it? I try to have a good sleep hoping it will get away soon.