Are You Ready For Your First Fun Run?

January 08, 2018

I have been invited to numerous fun run events. I signed up on some but never got myself to show up. Either something came up or I felt like I was not fit enough to run. And so joining a fun run is still on my bucket list.

I want it crossed out from the list in 2018. The universe listened and I was given a free slot in the upcoming Sunpiology Duo Resolution Run 2018 happening on January 20. One of the reason why I like this run is because it's a sunset run. I need not wake up really early in the morning.

Are you also having for your fun run? How ready are you? Let's both prepare together. Here's what we should do.


When was the last time you had a long walk? And when was the last time you run? We should start devoting an hour every day to brisk walking, then let's work up to jogging and eventually slow running. Building our stamina is very important. I walk a lot but I must admit that for the first week of 2018, I spent so much time just sitting and munching. 

Invest in a good pair of shoes

I bought my first pair of running shoes last quarter of 2016 but never got to really use if for its purpose: running. You need not buy an expensive pair. There are good quality running shoes that are affordable. You should check out branded shoes that are on sale. Never sacrifice the comfort for your feet. Also, NEVER wear a brand new shoes on the day of the fun run. Break them in.

Be hydrated

Make it a habit of being hydrated even prior to the big day. Avoid too much caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Drink water instead. I've actually started a 30-day Drinking Water Challenge to dramatically reduce my soda intake. 

I have also noticed when I was running at the community sports center last year that after 10-15 rounds, I feel a side stitch. It was so painful I had to stop. I asked my runner friends and they told me it's because I'm gulping water while running. Just take take a few sips of water.

Eat healthy

Start eating healthy. Remember, you need a lot of energy during the run. Load up on your carbohydrates and protein but do not overeat. Begin the day with a nutritious and filling breakfast. If you are having an early morning run, load up on carbs during lunch, have enough protein for dinner. Some of my friends told me, they snack on a power bar or a banana an hour before the run.

So are you having a 3K, a 5K or a 10K? Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy the event. After all, it's a FUN run!