Filipinos can do more with natural energy-boosters

November 06, 2023

Every moment counts in the pulsing beat of the city, where the dreams of Gen Zs and Millennials soar high. These ambitious go-getters—be it students burning the midnight oil, young professionals mastering their craft, or creators diving into passion projects—have a story. And it's one of juggling, striving, and pushing boundaries.

For the modern Filipino youth who wears multiple hats and is ever eager to excel, slowing down isn't in the playbook. A survey by Deloitte paints the picture: with 71% of Filipino millennials and 65% of Gen Zs taking on extra jobs to make ends meet. Their days aren't just filled; they're bursting at the seams.

However, the challenges of balancing work, studies, personal pursuits, and a buzzing social life — all the while trying to stay on top in this fast-paced world — can be draining. That’s why it’s important to tap into energy that keeps you productive and going throughout the day.

“Ensuring consistent and sustainable energy means keeping the momentum, staying sharp during a brainstorm, acing that presentation, or even managing back-to-back meetings without faltering,” Christopher Michael Del Rosario, Enature’s Director, shared.

As modern consumers take charge of their futures, Enature, a brand new energy drink, is at the forefront of providing a better way to fuel up for the day. A naturally-caffeinated energy drink thanks to guarana and Vitamin B12, Enature empowers the daily grinders to embrace each day with renewed energy and sustained functionality.

Brazilian guarana

Sourced from the Brazilian guarana seed, guarana offers a steadier, more sustained release of energy. Combine that with vitamin B12. Known for its ability to contribute to the body's natural energy-generating processes, vitamin B12 synergizes with guarana to allow individuals to conquer their day with a renewed focus.

“By harnessing the power of natural nutrients, options with naturally-sourced ingredients like Enature can encourage people to achieve their goals with more sustained energy,” Del Rosario added.

About Enature 

Enature Energy Drinks harness the natural power of Guarana for a revitalizing boost, without the drawbacks of artificial stimulants. Endorsed by the FDA, each drink is 100% natural caffeine. Choose between our two invigorating flavors: the fruit-inspired 'Classic' or the refreshing 'Cool' with a hint of menthol. Discover the Enature difference, now available at 711 stores nationwide, all at an unbeatable price.