Pamper yourself with a holiday glow up with some help from MakatiMed

November 25, 2023


 You have gifts to wrap, decor to hang, parties to host, and a full-course Noche Buena to prepare—phew! The thought of tackling these Christmas season commitments is enough to age you by at least 10 years. How to conquer the holiday rush and still come out looking fresh and young, as if you pushed back the hands of time? 

Consider botulinum toxin, commonly referred to as botox, and soft tissue fillers, says Ma. Margarita Isabel C. Tanchiong, MD, Dermatology Specialist at the Wellness Center of the top hospital in the Philippines, Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed). 

“Botulinum toxin and soft tissue fillers are minimally invasive treatments administered in small amounts through injection,” says Dr. Tanchiong. “A safe and purified form of botulinum toxin blocks the nerves that make muscles contract. Medically, it’s used to treat excessive sweating in the hands, decrease uncontrollable spasms and chronic migraines, and even reduce incontinence. As a cosmetic treatment, botulinum toxin ‘relaxes’ facial muscles, thereby softening the appearance of prominent expression lines.” 

“Soft tissue fillers, meanwhile, are made with any of the following: hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally found in the body; calcium hydroxyapatite, a major component of bone; or the biodegradable Poly-L-lactic acid. These are used to plump up parts of the face that have thinned from age,” explains Dr. Tanchiong.

While a surgical facelift is still the gold standard of facial rejuvenation, it does come with irreversible risks, lengthy downtime, and a high price tag. Dr. Tanchiong notes that botulinum toxin and soft tissue fillers may be temporary, lasting anywhere from three to six months, but they do offer some advantages. Treatment can be as quick as 15 minutes, and the downtime at the most is two days. Both can also be the more cost-effective choice.

To achieve your natural-looking and youthful glow by the holidays, Dr. Tanchiong recommends scheduling botulinum toxin injections about 4-6 weeks before your big event and fillers about 2-3 weeks before D-day. “Normally, it takes about two weeks to yield desired results from these treatments. By going earlier, you have the option of seeing your dermatologist for touch ups in case you’re not satisfied with your look.”

Wonder where you would likely need aesthetic treatments for your glow up? MakatiMed breaks it down for you:

Forehead. Horizontal lines on the forehead, the dreaded “11” between the brows, and crow’s feet around the eyes are best addressed with botulinum toxin. “These are dynamic wrinkles formed from such facial expressions as smiling, frowning, squinting, and furrowing the brows,” shares Dr. Tanchiong.

Lips, cheeks, eyes, jawline. Static wrinkles in these parts are due to a loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin. “When done right, fillers can subtly plump up thinning lips, and add fullness to the hollow spaces under the eyes, around the mouth, along the cheeks, and on the jawline,” recommends Dr. Tanchiong. 

Indented scars. “Soft tissue fillers level out recessed scars from chicken pox, a severe case of acne, and the removal of a mole,” says Dr. Tanchiong. “In no time, your skin will appear smooth, even, and youthful.”

Neck. Say goodbye to sagging jowls and platysmal bands, those unattractive strips of muscle that run down both sides of your neck. Botulinum toxin will relax the neck muscles, resulting in a smooth and firm appearance, tells Dr. Tanchiong.

Hands. Signs of aging aren’t only limited to the face. “Wrinkled, veiny hands can add years to your look,” adds Dr. Tanchiong. “Match your youthful appearance with hands boasting youthful volume and taut, smooth skin rejuvenated by soft tissue fillers.”

Aside from botulinum toxin and soft tissue fillers, Dr. Tanchiong also recommends exploring other aesthetic treatments such as exosomes that can help with reducing wrinkles and improving skin tone; biostimulators that are injected deep into the dermis to stimulate new tissue growth for skin tightening; and laser therapy that’s usually performed to get rid of redness and dark spots, and help generate new collagen.

“Whether it’s botulinum toxin, soft tissue fillers, or any other aesthetic treatment, it’s best to consult a trusted dermatologist for recommendations on the most effective procedures that’ll best address your concerns and achieve the radiant holiday glow you deserve,” reminds Dr. Tanchiong. 

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