To The Woman Who Feels Unworthy

January 03, 2020

When you love someone, you always give all that you have. That is who you are. You want him to hear love, feel love, and know love. You care more about making him smile and feel good. But how about him? 

You are making yourself believe for the longest time that as long as you are able to show him love, everything will be okay. You also know that it's not how relationship works. You know you deserve to be appreciated for all the love and care you shower him. 

Your heart longs to be cherished. 
You thirst for passion. 
You pray for an attentive partner.

He has no emotion. He is incapable of understanding your feelings. He is nothing. He emptied your cup until you having nothing more to give. Until there's nothing left for yourself. 

"You accept the love you think you deserve."

You accept less because you think you deserve it. You accept neglect. You accept rejection. You always justify his actions. You accept everything because you don't love yourself first.

Hey! You deserve the world!

You are a woman who deserves to be heard without feeling ashamed for letting him know what you want. You deserve to be reminded that you are beautiful and someone he can always be proud of. You don't have to be guilty for spending an hour to pamper yourself. You are entitled to have some time alone to recharge and refocus. 

You are a wonderful person. 
You are worthy.
You deserve better.

To the woman who feels unworthy... I've been there. And then I learned to love myself more. Now I know what I deserve and I don't settle for less.