Lists You Should Have To Organize Your Life

March 04, 2020

lists you should have to organize your life

Do you find yourself having a hard time falling asleep because you feel like you are forgetting something? Your brain is working extra hard with thoughts about things you should do the next morning or the things you had to deal with the whole day. It need not be crazy. Making lists should help calm you. Whether you'll use a notebook or digital with you iPad or mobile phone, here are the lists you should have to organize your life.

Grocery List

lists you should have to organize your life

I am guilty of going to the grocery without a list. I usually check the items in the pantry and refrigerator and try as much as I can to remember what needs to be bought. I end up buying things I don't really need  and forget the things I should have bought. Having a grocery list will not only avoid you from going back to the store for the essential item that you forgot to buy but will also make you stay within the budget you set for food, household supplies, and personal items. 

Meal Plan

lists you should have to organize your life

Preparing meals for the family is more difficult for working moms than for stay at home moms. But whether you are a housewife or a career woman, planning your weekly meals will make life in the kitchen easier. Before going to the grocery, you can ask every member of the family what they want to eat aside from the usual food that you prepare. It can be stressful sometimes to think of the menu for each meal. Asking what your kids or partner want for breakfast or dinner will also ensure that they will enjoy eating the food you lovingly cooked.

To Do List

lists you should have to organize your life

Starting the day with a plan makes the tasks more manageable. It also allows you to prioritize the things that require urgent attention. When making a to do list, you can start with a monthly list, then narrow it down to a weekly list, and then make a daily list. The monthly list will serve as your master list where you can write down everything you want to accomplish within the month. Breaking down the list to weekly and daily allows you to plan, schedule, and manage the tasks.

Important Dates and Phone Numbers

lists you should have to organize your life

We sometimes rely so much on our mobile phone's phone book and calendar. It doesn't hurt to still go traditional when it comes to having a list of important dates and phone numbers. You can use a small notebook that you can carry in your bag or a whiteboard / magnetic board strategically placed in your house where you can easily access important phone numbers or read important dates such as appointments, birthdays, and events.

Organizing your life will make living each day more enjoyable. Making a list should be fun and not be limited to chores. How about making a bucket list of the places you want to visit or the goals you want to achieve?