How To Lose Weight Without Getting Hungry

February 25, 2019


I wish that number is my age. I'm proud to be 42. But 32 for my waistline and 61 for my weight... these numbers are  unacceptable. I've been trying to eat less but it leaves me very hungry and I end up eating more than I should. I'm already in my 40s and my metabolism is slower than it used to a decade ago. 

I had my last cholesterol check 9 months ago. I did not get another doctor's appointment because everything was normal. I'm having an unhealthy lifestyle since and I'm certain my doctor will be very disappointed.

Yesterday, I vowed to have a lifestyle change. When I say lifestyle change, I don't mean starving myself. I just have to make changes with the food I eat. 

I did it before, I'm certain I can do it again.

How to lose weight without getting hungry

 Drink healthy

Are you aware how many glasses of water you drink everyday? Whenever I am at home, I drink 4 glasses max. When I'm outside, I usually drink Coke Zero or iced tea. 

Bring a water bottle to keep you hydrated. When you wait until you are too thirsty, you'll start craving for sweet drinks. Also, opt for freshly made fruit juice instead of powdered juice with artificial flavors and too much sugar. 

No to fast food and junk food

It's really hard to resist that greasy burger and crispy potato fries. They are my go-to food whenever I feel hungry. I've been eating a lot of takeouts and deliveries because it's so convenient. 

Make sure you have something healthy that you can grab from your fridge or you bring with you a healthy snack. Stock up your pantry with whole wheat bread, fresh fruits, yogurt, no salt popcorn, low fat dairy.

Eat breakfast 

I am guilty of skipping breakfast and this is the biggest change I have to make. Skipping breakfast will make you grab unhealthy snacks or make you eat more for lunch. 

If you want to sleep a bit more instead of spending 30 minutes for breakfast, make sure you have a banana to grab before you go or have a pre-made smoothie the night before to drink before leaving the house. 

Plan your meal

It will be easier for you to stick to healthy eating if you have your weekly meals planned. It's a bit challenging in the beginning but sooner you'd get used to it. 

Before going to the grocery, I make a list of the healthy food I want to eat from Monday to Friday. Weekend is usually my cheat day. I eat what I want as long as I eat in moderation.

Are you also planning to lose weight? Let's do this fitness journey together. I'm giving myself three months to see the result.