This Year, Choose Yourself

January 12, 2019

Looking back, how did you live your life?

I know it's tiring to keep looking for love. You don't want to be alone. You don't want to feel empty. But are you ready to be in a relationship just to show him you've moved on? Or you only want to shut  those people up because you are so fed up with them snooping around?

This year, tell yourself that it is okay to be alone. Love yourself because no one can really fill up those empty spaces. No one can fix you. You have to fix yourself.

Have you given so much of yourself for others? You want to be always there for them, take care of them, prioritize them. Did it ever came to a point when you asked yourself, "who takes care of the caregiver?" or did you ever feel so drained you can't even take care of yourself?

This year, learn to say no. It is not selfish and don't feel guilty. Those who really care for you will understand that you also need time for yourself. 

Are you holding on to past hurts, past relationships, failures and what ifs? How long have you been carrying that heavy feeling in your heart? Does holding on ever make you feel good? Did it change anything?

This year, let go. You can't heal if you keep yourself stuck in the past. You are robbing yourself the happiness of what is happening in the now and the bright future ahead of you. 

Are you pressured by your friend's success? Does social media make you feel like you are not achieving something worth bragging?

This year, appreciate what you have. Never envy an instagrammable life. Don't pressure yourself to conform with other people's definition of success. Set your goals and work on it. If giving up an extra cup of rice is an achievement for you, who cares if someone on facebook bought a brand new car?

Every morning, get up and put your happiness first. You can spread happiness only when you are happy. You will only be able to love other people the right way when you love yourself.

This year, choose yourself!

(Note to self: It's okay to ask for help and you just did that. Thank you, Maricar.)