Inexpensive Mini Garden Project

January 13, 2018

Our first big investment as a couple was a house we had built while preparing for our wedding in 2004. Thanks to my dad for lending us the lot. We had a big backyard and plenty of space to grow plants. Hubby even had a mini basketball court and I had a grotto. The space was an overwhelming 170 square meters and most of the time I was overwhelmed in maintaining the garden. There were too much dried leaves from the neighbor's mango trees. After eight years, we sold the house and bought a townhouse instead. Our unit is one of the few with a mini garden. Suddenly, I missed having a garden. I only have 5 square meters for a plant box. I guess it's true that sometimes you'll only realize the value of something when it's gone.

One of my 2018 goals is to revive the small garden space I have. Yesterday, I decided to spend a few hours offline and do some gardening. My garden is in a sorry state. I requested my husband to drive for me today so I could buy some plants. Being the most supportive husband ever, we went this morning at Greenmeadows where there's a big compound filled with garden stuff. 

My budget: P1,000
Actual expense: P400

The plants cost 3 for P100. I bought three different kinds. I also bought a sack of garden soil for P50 and a pair of gloves for P50.

Here's my attempt to do gardenscape. I just group them and somehow I'm satisfied with the outcome. But I wish I could do better. I've got three existing potted plants and some bonsai. I'm planning to paint the pots blue to match my another project for 2018 which involves the interior design of the house. 

Next project...

We've been living in Casa Paradiso for five years and I'm getting bored with the beige and brown. I'm aiming for a Santorini-inspired design this time. I told my husband we'll postpone a trip abroad for our wedding anniversary celebration this April and just go somewhere out of town. I'll be documenting the makeover of the house. I'm still working on a budget that won''t cost an arm and a leg. It will definitely involve a lot of DIY!

Do you love gardening? Somehow I'm beginning to love it.