Benefits of drinking these different kind of teas

August 30, 2022

We've heard a lot about coffee and it seems like there are more coffee drinkers than tea drinkers. For someone like me who doesn't drink coffee, I find gratification in a cup of hot tea after meal. The argument of whether it is healthy to drink tea is still ongoing. But it is not all bad. Here are the benefits of drinking tea after meal.

Just like coffee, tea contains caffeine. The best time to drink tea is in the morning. Most tea drinkers say that you consume it 15 minutes after meal. Recommended morning tea are black tea, white tea, and green tea. The caffeine of these teas have the same effect as coffee. They can increase your energy.

If you prefer to drink tea after dinner, opt for the herbal tea or fruit tea. Chamomile tea is very calming and perfect after a tiring day. It also promotes a restful sleep. 

A tea from Japan that is given to children is the houjicha. This green tea contains less caffeine and doesn't taste bitter. 

My current favorite is the Eternal Summer tea from TWG. I love the summery fragrant scent and the fruity taste. TWG describes this as a fragrant South Africa red tea embellished with notes of sweet summer rose blossoms accented with raw berries, which finish with a lingering aftertaste reminiscent of ripe Tuscan peaches. This tea can be enjoyed hot or cold and does not contain caffeine.