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January 03, 2022

22 things to throw away to declutter your home in 2022

We always complain of having limited storage at home but the truth is we have accumulated too much stuff. I am guilty of keeping things in my drawer instead of throwing them right away in the garbage bin until the junk piles up. If your house looks messy, it's about time to get rid of the things you shouldn't be keeping in the first place. Here are 22 things to throw away to declutter your home in 2022.

22 things to throw away

Boxes, Paper Bags, Old Packaging

How many years have you been keeping those old appliances boxes in the cabinet? If you didn't fold them up, imagine the amount of space they are occupying. I keep the box for a maximum of one week only just in case the appliance becomes defective and I have to request for a replacement within the 7-day warranty period. If the product is something I only use occasionally, I also keep the box with the item inside. 

Broken appliances, Chipped Plates and Mugs, Containers with no matching lids

You can actually convert those broken appliances into cash instead of letting them gather dust in the garage. Bring them to the junk shop and cash in. Plastic containers can also be donated to organizations that recycles.

Old shoes and clothes, broken toys, old books

Outgrown shoes and clothes that are in good condition can still be used by other people especially those who are victims of fire and flood. Look for posts on social media asking for donation. 

22 things to throw away

Expired Medicines, Canned Goods, and Cosmetics

Check your medicine cabinets for expired medicines. It is better to throw them away rather than accidentally ingesting them. Expired cosmetics might cause skin allergies and rashes. Always check the expiry dates of your lipsticks and makeup. For canned goods, make a monthly inventory of your food pantry. 

Old Batteries, Old Keys, Defective Remote Control, Broken Flashlights 

Do you have a drawer filled with these things? I do! And I have started getting rid of those old batteries, defective remote controls, and broken flashlights. They will never work anymore so what's the point of keeping them? Also those keys that you have never figured out for decades which locks they open. THROW THEM AWAY NOW.

Old Receipts, Utility Bills, Promotional Mails, Old Magazines

We usually keep receipts for warranty claim purposes but if the item is beyond warranty period, you can already throw off the receipt. And those grocery receipts and miscellaneous purchases receipts you keep in your bag or wallet, discard them already. I keep the utility bills for a period of one year while I avail for paperless billing for those that offers e-statement.  

These things I listed are easy to throw away. I'm sure there's no emotional attachment whatsoever with old batteries or takeout containers, right? Discarding all these things will instantly declutter your home and make your space more comfortable to live.