Desk organization ideas to declutter your work space

January 08, 2021


Your work desk reflects so much about your personality. Some people like their space plain and simple while others prefer to have a personal touch. Whichever you prefer, it is important that your work space is set up to make you productive and yet stress-free. Too much clutter can be overwhelming. Here are some desk organization ideas to declutter your work space.

plastic drawer organizer

Limit the number of items on your desk 

Keep the things you are not using inside the drawer. A drawer organizer with compartments makes it easier to look for the supplies you need.  This stackable high quality plastic drawer organizer box comes in different sizes. ADD TO CART HERE

Maximize your desk space

You can expand your desk space by having a book shelf with drawer if you want your things accessible and yet organized. I recently bought this from Shopee and even enjoyed assembling.  I love that it's sturdy and doesn't look cheap.  ADD TO CART HERE

DIY wooden desk organizer

Arrange your office supplies

Do you have a collection of pens for your journaling? This DIY wooden desk organizer is multi-functional and has slots for pens. It is also very easy to assemble. ADD TO CART HERE

monitor riser

Optimize your space

A monitor riser is designed to make your monitor in a comfortable eye-level. Choose one that also function as an additional storage space for the things you often use but can still keep your desk tidy. ADD TO CART HERE

A clutter-free desk is more inviting and will definitely motivate you to work. Remember, desk organization is not just for virtual appeal. It makes you more efficient and gives you the feeling of having everything under control no matter how busy you are.