5 tips to keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean during rainy days

September 10, 2021

The rainy season may be a sweet relief from the hot and humid Philippine weather, but with it comes laundry troubles because there’s hardly any sun for clothes to dry. With the possibility of the kulob smell becoming all-too-familiar during this time of year, Midea, the world’s largest producer of major appliances, shares practical tips to prevent this and keep your laundry smelling fresh and clean even during the rainy days: 

Make use of spin dryers. Because drying your clothes in the sun is not always an option during rainy season, using the washing machine’s spin dryer is your best bet as it makes wringing your clothes—to dry quickly—easier. If you’re looking for a durable washing machine that can withstand heavy laundry load, Midea’s new line of Twin Tub Washing Machine is a great option. With key features of dual force pulsator and durable body, Midea’s new washing machine line offers four variants so there’s a model to suit your wash load needs: 7kg Twin Tub (P8,295), 9kg Twin Tub (P9,995) and 11kg Twin Tub (P11,595), and 13kg Twin Tubs (P14,995). Additionally, with only P1 per wash, Midea’s Twin Tub Washing Machine consumes less electricity, which leads to greater cost savings. 

Leave space for clothes while drying. When you’re done washing, don’t place your damp clothes too close or over one another as it will only delay drying time and result in an unpleasant damp smell. Be sure to leave enough space between clothes to dry evenly and naturally. 

Hang in a well-ventilated room. When you have no choice but to dry your clothes indoors, use the spin dryer a couple of times and hang them in a portable drying rack. To help them dry even more quickly, make sure you can hang them in a well-ventilated room. 

Use fabric conditioners. Fabric conditioners help avoid the damp odor smell on clothes. However, this does not compensate for deeply washed clothes. Before using your preferred fabric conditioner, make sure to pre-soak your clothes with detergent or vinegar and baking soda for at least 30 minutes to remove stains and smell on clothes. 

Iron your laundry. If you find that you still have some damp clothes left, another option you can do is to iron your clothes dry. You can even use scented wrinkle release sprays to further ensure that your clothes smell clean and fresh. 

No need to worry about kulob-smelling clothes during this rainy season. With these tips and a little help from Midea, you can have fresh-smelling and clean clothes all-year long.