Workspace Organization Tips to Increase Productivity

June 22, 2020

My work space gets cluttered depending on how busy I am. The desk should be where you get things done. While some people claim that they work better if everything's within reach, you actually get stressed out looking for items hidden somewhere in the pile of clutter. 

When I was still working in the bank, we were required to have on the table only the things we need at the moment. I literally have nothing on my table because the desktop has a designated place.

I'm in the process of achieving a minimalist workspace at home. It has been 3 months since I last cleaned up. I felt like today is the perfect day to organize and though I still have to clean the drawers, at least the desk is in a better state. I must say I was super productive in the last two weeks, I still feel the clutter made me feel stressed and tired.

I'm sharing with you workspace organization tips to increase your productivity.

Plan your workspace layout

Whether you have a dedicated room in the house for your home office or you have to make good use of the little space under the stairs, the first thing you should do is plan your workspace layout. Just make sure you have a table and comfortable chair to start with. Look around the house where your table will fit. I prefer the corner where I either have the wall or a window on one side.

Invest on a desk lamp

Your workspace should have an adequate lighting. Whether you are reading, working on a computer, or doing craft projects, a good desk lamp should provide you ample light with minimal glare. You should also opt for an adjustable lamp where you can adjust to the perfect position to avoid shadows to streak across. 

Organize your office supplies

Put your pens, paper clips, scissors, and other office supplies in a holder. You can make use of mason jars, old coffee mugs, or even repurposed toilet rolls. The goal is not to have these items scattered on the desk.

Don't get too personal

It's okay to have a personal touch on your workspace but not too much to cause distraction. You should not keep more that three personal items. Make sure that these items create a positive vibe and  a practical decor.

It is sometimes very difficult to maintain an organized workspace especially if you are a very busy person. The objective is develop a habit of keeping things in order. Return the pen in the holder after using and keep the things not needed in a particular task. 

Having an organized workspace can help you become more productive because your focus is on the task at hand.