Tips to have a holiday that’s easy on the pocket

December 13, 2019

It's only 9 days before Christmas and by now everyone is deep into the holidays. The season of giving can only mean one thing: with all the presents to give, parties to attend, and getaways to make, there will be a lot of spending coming your way.

But that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear all those expenses you’ll be making this Christmas! This is the best time to take advantage of all the deals, sales, promos, and perks that are available the whole season.

Here are a few tips you can use:

1. Set a spending limit

If you are really on a budget, then it’s important to set a spending limit. It’s better to acknowledge that you have got a hard limit to be mindful of, instead of having to deal with overspending when Christmas is over. Plus, it will force you to be more creative when it’s time to shop.

2. Make a list

Take the cue from Santa – he makes a list and checks it twice! Keeping a list will help you remember what you need to buy and the budget that you need to stick to.

3. Use the right credit card

Mastering the art of Christmas shopping will depend on your tool of choice. Have you considered getting the right credit card that lets you spend exactly the way that you need to?

For example, using an EastWest credit card to shop for the latest in gadgets, fashion, appliances, and more can get you 0% interest on installment for up to 24 months at Abenson, The SM Store, Power Mac Center, Rustan’s, and in over 2,000 participating outlets nationwide. That means you can get everything you need to get in your Christmas shopping without worry!

4. Find sales and discounts

Everyone is going to buy a lot this Christmas, so you can expect a lot of sales, everywhere! Take time to find the right holiday sales to get the things (and experiences) you want and need, at the best prices.

If you are looking to take a much-deserved holiday getaway, EastWest credit cards are ideal for booking and paying (partner hotels, resorts, restaurants, and more!), as they come with exclusive perks, discounts, and savings.

5. Give more

Christmas is all about giving, so you might want to spend less on the things you want for yourself and instead focus on giving gifts to people around you. If you can give something that doesn’t need to be purchased, that’s even better.

Give a loved one the freedom to spend with an EastWest supplementary credit card, to get free cash credits on your own principal card. Not only have you given them more financial freedom, but you get rewards along the way too!

Don’t miss out on everything you can enjoy this Christmas with your EastWest credit card. To learn more about all the promos and perks available this holiday season, visit

Happy holidays!!!