How to choose the right pillow that suits your sleeping position

July 10, 2019

They say you'll get the best sleep ever if you have the perfect mattress. But the secret to a restful sleep does not solely rely on the kind of bed you have. You also need to have the right pillow. Picking the pillow is a tricky business. You must take into consideration your sleeping position.

Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper?

The most common is the side sleeper. In order to properly support your head and neck, you will need a thicker pillow. I am a side sleeper and I had an uncomfortable sleep during my recent staycation. The host only provided a set of thin pillows and I need to double up on pillows to align a higher gap between my head and shoulder.

Back sleeper has the best sleeping position. You will only require a thin pillow or a cervical pillow just high enough to elevate your esophagus from your stomach to avoid snoring and acid reflux. My husband is also a side sleeper and I noticed that whenever he shifts to sleep on his back, he starts to snore.

Sleeping on the stomach position is not recommendable. It is considered the unhealthiest sleeping position. Back sleeper has risk of straining the neck. It can also cause pressure on the lower back that can make you more susceptible to pain. For stomach sleepers, you need to have a soft pillow.

Mr. Big Pillow Ergonomic Comfort

The founder of Mr. Big pillow, Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, is a physical therapist and he spent years of study to come up with an ergonomic comfort pillow designed to address every sleeper's need. 

The bodyscale pillow offers 5 pillows for 5 different body size. Depending on your height and weight, you can choose the pillow that fits well to the shape of your head and neck and provides the appropriate firmness for the weight of your body. 

To know your best fit, visit

The orthocurve pillow have high precision curves and adjustable to give the right fit for your neck and shoulders while the orthocore pillow is customized by a physical therapist for sleepers who have specific pillow requirements.

Pillows that improve posture

Mr. Big has multi-support positioning pillows that improve posture. The body pillow is designed to fit the contour of your body. Perfect for side sleepers, it provides comfortable support to your arms, legs, torso, and hips.

The nine pillow is a sleep positioning pillow that helps in correct spine alignment while you sleep. It supports from head to legs so you will not need too many pillows.

The Jay pillow is designed for those who are not very tall. It gives the same support of the nine pillow but is a perfect fit for those who are less than 165 cm tall.

Mr. Big pillows are available in selected SM Home branches. For more information, visit Mr. Big Pillow Philippines Facebook page