How Hotels Are Going Eco-friendly

March 11, 2019

Eco-friendly hotels

The most common and oftentimes ignored effort of hotels to save the environment is requesting guests to reuse their towels. After all, we don’t change towels every day at home. But going eco-friendly is not confined in the hotel bathroom only (which I believe where most of the unnecessary wastage comes from).  Over the years, hotels are going green not just to save water.

As a traveler who stays at hotels several times a year, I have noticed that hotels are more aggressive with their green initiatives over the years. This is in response to travelers who are now more responsible and conscious with how they contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Environmental Preservation

Siloso Beach Resort on the island of Sentosa has taken seriously the term being one with nature. You will feel the positive energy of the earth while having a refreshing dip at the landscaped pool filled with natural spring water. I have experienced having breakfast with squirrels and the strolling along the hotel’s rich foliage was always a delightful break from city touring and shopping. 

The hotel was designed and built in a way that natural terrain was preserved and the trees were not removed. Staying at Siloso Beach Resort makes guests partners in reducing carbon footprint.

 Hotel Bath Amenities

Every time you request for housekeeping, the staff will replace the entire set of toiletries and dispose the half-used bottles. Hotels like Red Planet and Greenhills Elan Modern are now using bulk dispensers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and liquid soap. Pico Sands Hotel provides toiletries in biodegradable plastic packaging.

Complimentary Bottled Water  

Instead of supplying drinking water in plastic bottle, Harbour Ville Hotel Singapore have a set of Go Green Glass Bottle in every room. A hot and cold filtered water dispenser is strategically placed in every floor. This also encourages guests to opt for refilling their own water bottles instead of buying expensive bottled water.

 Encourage Walking or Biking

Walking tours are becoming popular. It is a healthier way for tourists to marvel at the beauty of attraction they are visiting. It also gives them more time to appreciate what the place has to offer. Also, hotels are now offering bicycles for those who are not fond of touring around on foot. Some tour packages include bike rentals whether you want an unforgettable bike adventure or simply want to see the city in your own pace.

Dining Experience

The hotel restaurant menu now offers healthier cuisine using fresh and local produce sourced from organic farms. Using these products does not only give travelers a unique dining experience but it also helps the farmers and local food providers. 

Recycling and Waste Reduction

Some hotels discontinued daily supply of newspaper unless requested. Instead, access to online publications is provided as an alternative. Paper napkin was replaced with cloth napkins in an effort to reduce the use of paper. Trash bins for recyclable wastes are also provided for proper segregation.

Green is the way to go

Hotels going eco-friendly is like giving the guests an extra perk. They still give the guests the comfort and luxury of the accommodation without harming the environment.