Thank You Gifts For Your Employees

November 08, 2018

Most business owners know that a paycheck is not enough to keep an employee dedicated to the company. Employees need to be challenged, they need career paths for growth and they like to have their accomplishments recognized. While employees do get hired to do a job, it can sometimes require dedication above and beyond the call of duty to get those jobs done. That is why it is fun to find new ways to recognize employees for their accomplishments.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are fun because they can be customized for any corporate occasion. You can get unique corporate gift baskets that recognize someone in the mail room that would be different than a basket recognizing someone from the management team. If you put some thought into a good gift basket, then you can come up with fun ways to make your employees feel appreciated.

Parking Spaces

Does your company have that one or two parking spaces that everyone tries to get when they show up in the morning? Instead of allowing fate to award those parking spaces, you can block them off and reserve them for the employee or employees of the month. You would be surprised at how hard someone will work to keep that prime parking spot once they get used to parking there every day for a month.

Catered Lunch

Good bosses bring in doughnuts on days when they know there will be a lot of work, but great bosses set up monthly catered lunches to let the employees know how much they are appreciated. If you want your monthly employee appreciation lunch to really be a hit, then be sure to ask your employees what they would like to see on the menu before you place your order.

Your employees are your greatest assets, and your best employees are the ones who help to make your company successful. Whether you feel the need to recognize one employee each month or a whole department, you need to take the steps necessary to show your employees that they are appreciated.