MindNation Extends Mental Health Awareness Promos: 50% OFF on Psychologist and WellBeing Coach Sessions

June 02, 2024

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, MindNation is offering exclusive discounts on psychologist and WellBeing Coach sessions, making professional mental health support more accessible and affordable for Filipinos.

Mental health has become a critical issue in the Philippines, with recent data from the Department of Health indicating that at least 3.6 million Filipinos suffer from mental health disorders. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these issues, highlighting the urgent need for accessible and affordable quality mental health services. Since 2019, MindNation has been actively addressing this need with comprehensive well-being services that have been trusted and highly-rated by individuals and organizations alike. For Mental Health Awareness Month, the organization launched its “Learn to Pause” campaign together with two exclusive offers to encourage Filipinos to try therapy to start their well-being journey.

Access to licensed psychologists and trained WellBeing Coaches is crucial in addressing mental health challenges and ensuring individuals receive the quality care they deserve. MindNation is committed to bridging this gap by offering services from licensed professionals, ensuring that individuals receive confidential and competent care to improve their mental well-being.

Self-Love WellBeing Bundle: Psychologist Sessions at P850 per session

MindNation’s Self-Love WellBeing Bundle includes three 1-hour sessions with a licensed psychologist, now available at a discounted rate of PHP 2,550 (PHP 850 per session).

These sessions aim to help individuals set boundaries, live intentionally, and improve relationships with themselves and others.

WellBeing Coach Sessions at P400 per session

In addition to the psychologist bundle, MindNation is also offering a 50% discount on WellBeing Coach sessions,reducing the price from PHP 800 to PHP 400 for each 60-minute session. WellBeing Coaches at MindNation are trained in Mental Health First Aid, behavior change, and coaching techniques. Whether dealing with stress, seeking work-life balance, or aiming to cultivate a more positive mindset, MindNation’s WellBeing Coaches are dedicated partners in growth and self-discovery.

How to Book

To learn more about these offers and to book sessions, interested individuals can message MindNation on Facebookat http://bit.ly/mn-chat or email book@mindnation.com. The promo is extended until June 14, 2024. The sessions on promo can also be booked as a gift for loved ones in need.

Inka Magnaye

Mental health advocate Inka Magnaye has taken to TikTok to share the promo and her positive experience with MindNation. On TikTok, she mentions how MindNation is also supporting her mother through sessions. The response from her followers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude and personal testimonials. One follower commented, "MindNation really helped me during the pandemic. I can attest to this!" while another mentioned, "I was literally looking for days, this is a sign!" Others shared their immediate actions and plans, saying, "I have sent them an email now. I am happy to see this. I need this now," and "I really like MindNation. Especially their online quiz for assessment. It really helped me through tough times last 2022." Another follower was inspired to spread the support further, commenting, "Thinking of gifting this to a family member!"