Manifesting Financial Freedom

June 11, 2024

Loud Budgeting

Superstition and tradition are deeply ingrained in the Filipino way of life, shaping various aspects of daily activities, including how we manage our finances. These beliefs can range from harmless to influential in financial decision-making. For instance, many Filipinos are taught not to sweep floors at night, as it might sweep away good luck. An itchy palm is often considered a sign of an incoming windfall, while wearing tattered clothes is believed to invite bad luck.

Some superstitions and traditions involve practices believed to manifest wealth. Even if you don't necessarily believe in them, you might have unconsciously followed these customs as part of your cultural heritage. However, some monetary beliefs are less practical and can lead to negative financial habits. For example, some people prefer saving money at home instead of using a bank, thinking that cash at home invites luck. Others invest in items like money trees or elephant statues, hoping these will help increase their savings.

While honoring tradition isn't inherently bad, it's essential to evaluate which practices serve a practical purpose. Replace less effective methods with strategies recommended by financial experts to improve your financial well-being. This approach helps you manifest financial freedom in a proactive and responsible manner.

Effective Financial Techniques and Saving Methods

In celebration of personal freedom and Independence Day, consider these effective financial techniques and saving methods to manage your money better and work towards financial freedom.

Zero-Sum Budgeting

Proper money management begins with understanding how to allocate your current funds. Popular budgeting techniques like the 50/30/20 rule suggest dividing your paycheck into three categories: 50% for essentials (food, rent), 30% for personal expenses (clothing, leisure), and 20% for savings. This method ensures you save adequately without neglecting your financial responsibilities or personal needs.

For those seeking a stricter approach, the zero-sum budget is ideal. This method requires you to account for every peso of your income, leaving no room for unplanned spending. By allocating funds down to the last peso, you eliminate guesswork and ensure every expense is purposeful.

Having immediate visibility of your funds is crucial. Using a banking app like RCBC Pulz allows you to access and manage your account balance anytime, anywhere. This app helps you track spending and transactions, keeping you on top of your finances.

Using Cash or Credit

Balancing cash and credit cards in your financial strategy can help you make informed decisions aligned with your goals and lifestyle. Cash is excellent for small purchases and helps you stick to your budget since physically handing over money makes you more aware of your spending.

Credit cards, like those from RCBC, are beneficial for larger or recurring expenses, such as utility bills and subscriptions, to avoid late fees. When used responsibly, credit cards offer rewards like cash back, loyalty points, and airline miles. They also provide exclusive discounts and installment plans, helping you manage significant purchases more effectively. Always ensure to charge only what you can afford to avoid debt.

Loud Budgeting

A trending budgeting method popularized by TikTok is loud budgeting, where you openly declare your financial limitations and boundaries. If a friend invites you out and you can't afford it, be honest about it. This approach promotes financial responsibility and reduces social pressure to spend money you don't have.

Loud budgeting helps you make smarter financial choices and removes the stigma of admitting financial constraints. It's a practical method for those working towards financial improvement, fostering a culture of transparency and support.

Partnering for Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom is easier with a reliable financial partner. RCBC Pulz offers numerous features and tools to help you manage your funds efficiently. Starting your journey towards financial freedom can begin with opening an account through the RCBC Pulz app.

Download the app now and visit RCBC Online Banking for more information. Financial freedom is within your reach with the right tools and mindset.