ML Moves: Bridging Filipino Families with Seamless Logistics Solutions

March 22, 2024

ML Moves

M Lhuillier is a household name and a trusted partner in financial services since 1935 in the Philippines. Evolving from its roots in jewelry manufacturing and money lending, M Lhuillier has grown into one of the leading names in the money transfer and pawnshop business. Expanding its services to align with changing market dynamics, M Lhuillier now proudly introduces ML Moves, a comprehensive logistics solution in line with its commitment as the "Tulay ng 'PaMLyang' Pilipino" or the bridge for Filipino families.

Evolution of ML Moves

In response to the evolving demands of the industry, M Lhuillier ventured into logistics retailing in 2015. Operating as an extended business center for third-party logistics partners, ML Moves aims to provide innovative logistics solutions for both walk-in and business transactions.

Optimizing Nationwide Presence

With an expansive chain of branches spanning from major cities to the smallest provinces, ML Moves strategically optimizes its nationwide presence to cater to the diverse logistics needs of the Filipino people. This approach aligns seamlessly with the company's commitment to bridging Filipino families and serves as a practical expansion into the logistics sector.

Walk-In and E-Commerce Solutions

ML Moves caters to a variety of needs, whether for "Walk-In" transactions involving parcel or document shipments to domestic or international destinations or for "E-Commerce" requirements such as Lazada/Shopee branch pick-ups, returns, or seller drop-offs. The service ensures convenience and accessibility for both individual and business customers.

Convenience for Business Owners

For business owners engaged in influencer marketing and brand seeding, ML Moves presents a convenient solution. With nearby M Lhuillier centers acting as drop-off and pick-up points, items can be shipped branch-to-branch or branch-to-door, leveraging the company's extensive network and partnering with reputable local courier services like J&T Express and Airspeed.

Seamless Lazada and Shopee Transactions

ML Moves simplifies the logistics process for Lazada and Shopee customers. For pick-ups, customers can drop off packages at the nearest M Lhuillier branch, providing flexibility in choosing when to collect their items. Returns are equally hassle-free, with customers able to drop off items at any branch, and ML Moves takes care of the return shipping without additional fees.

Empowering Lazada and Shopee Sellers

ML Moves also supports Lazada and Shopee sellers by providing selected M Lhuillier branches as drop-off points. Couriers from Lazada and Shopee will periodically pick up batches of parcels from these branches, streamlining the logistics process for online sellers.

As the Philippine logistics industry experiences increased demand for parcels and deliveries, ML Moves emerges as a pivotal player, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability. Exciting times lie ahead, and ML Moves, with its commitment to bridging Filipino families, is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of logistics in the Philippines.