How Zinc Protects the Lungs

August 16, 2023

Zinc has always been regarded as an essential nutrient that can help enhance immune function. It’s known to ward off viruses and bacteria that can bring a host of illnesses including common respiratory issues. 

In fact, a study published by the United States - National Institutes of Health (US-NIH) said it is probable that Zinc can help the lungs better fight off harmful particles, viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms by clearing the respiratory system's airways before they could reach the organ's delicate tissues. 

"Zinc was shown to have a significant impact on viral infections through modulation of viral particle entry, fusion, replication, viral protein translation and further release for a number of viruses including those involved in respiratory system pathology," the study noted.

With the unpredictable weather patterns due to El NiƱo that’s further strengthened by climate change, it’s expected that many people are going to catch a cold, cough or flu this season. 

To protect one’s lungs and improve immunity, people can rely on Solmux Advance Carbocisteine + Zinc from Unilab Inc., the country’s leading and most-trusted pharmaceutical company. It’s the first cough medicine in the Philippines, and likely in the world, to be fortified with Zinc. 

Solmux Advance Carbocisteine + Zinc

An observational study done by an independent investigator showed that the combination of 500 mg Carbocisteine and 5 mg Zinc present in Solmux Advance Capsule has been proven to have reduced the symptoms of cough in 3 days and resolution in just 5.52 days. 

Carbocisteine causes phlegm to be less thick and sticky and thus easier to cough up and expel, while Zinc has been found to play an important role in highly proliferating cells of the human body, like the immune system.

A line of over-the-counter cough medicines under the Unilab Consumer Health Group, Solmux Advance now offers Solmux Advance Suspension, which doubles the amount of Zinc after several studies demonstrated the benefits of zinc supplementation in respiratory infection and its symptoms.

Some studies showed that Zinc supplementation resulted in: 45% reduction in the incidence of acute lower respiratory tract infection; elderly patients with normal zinc concentrations from supplementation of Zinc (7mg) and essential vitamins had a shorter duration (less 1.5 days) of lower respiratory infection and antibiotic use; and cough duration reduced in subjects receiving zinc pooled estimate was 46% shorter duration. 

The new Solmux Advance Suspension contains 27.44 mg of Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate for every 60-ml bottle. This means that every 10-ml dose of Solmux Advance Suspension has a potent combination of about 500 mg of Carbocisteine and 10 mg of Zinc.