‘Asin ka ba?: Corny tatay jokes that will make you smile

June 17, 2023

tatay jokes

Besides the love and support they provide the family, fathers are famous—or maybe infamous—for one other thing: dad jokes. 

Supposedly a bad joke that is typically short and usually a pun, dad jokes are classified as such for being predictable. These jokes are sincere and earnest with their desire to make you laugh that you can’t help but cringe, or are deliberately bad with the intent of drawing a negative reaction. 

But did you know that those supposedly bad jokes have the capacity to make their recipients a better person? 

As obnoxious as they can be, studies claim that dad jokes have their benefits. A study published this year by the British Psychological Society claims dad jokes have the potential to make children better humans. Researcher Marc Hye-Knudson wrote that dad jokes benefit children as it shows how their father figures are willing to embarrass themselves. He added that this allows the child to learn how to respond to awkwardness brought about by the earnest humor of a dad joke. 

Meanwhile, a Wall Street Journal article in 2019 says dad jokes can create better bonds between parents and their children. 

Do you believe in the power of the dad joke? Whatever the case maybe, we’re sure of how a well-deployed Tatay jokes can make you laugh or roll your eyes in delightful disbelief. It’s a demonstration of how fathers know how to make your day—intentionally or unintentionally.

In honor of Tatay this Father’s Day, here are some famous—or notorious—dad jokes that you have likely heard before—and are guaranteed to make you cringe. 

“Ano ang tanong ni Baby Ulan kay Daddy Ulan?” “Tay, ambon ba ako?”

The trademark of a classic dad joke is humor that’s almost offensive. You can’t help but laugh when you hear a joke like it—whether because you actually find it funny or because of disbelief that your dad actually said it.

 “Asin ka ba? Because I love you ALAT.” 

 “Why didn’t the Pinoy banana go to work today? He wasn’t peeling well.”

Another constant dad joke is a pun—a joke that uses the multiple meanings of a word or how different words could sound the same. 

“Ano ang isda na mahilig mambola? Fishball!”

“Kilala n’yo ba yung nanay ni Pikachu? E di si Cherry Pie Pikachu!”

“Where do fruits go on vacation? In Pear-is!”

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