Practical online learning tips and must-haves

August 02, 2021

Time passes by quickly. While we are still not in any way back to our normal activities because of the pandemic, another school year is about to start. It's a new year of learning online and studying at home for your children, with parents also taking on the role of their teachers most of the time. Juggling this task with work responsibilities and household chores can be exhausting and stressful. But more so for your children who’ll be spending the whole day in front of the computer. To reduce their mental fatigue and increase their productivity, here are some easy and practical tips so you’ll breeze through online learning this year. 

Reduce distractions

There are so many distractions with the home learning set-up that can affect your child’s focus. Even if they have their own designated study area, there will still be distractions that will be too hard to avoid. Like the flurry of household activities, construction noises from the neighbor, barking dogs, crowing roosters, crying babies, bad internet connection, power outages, and many others. 

This is why it’s important to establish boundaries and reduce disruptions until classes are over and study time is complete. Eliminate distractions by logging them off their social media accounts or turning off the notifications. When their gadgets are not constantly buzzing or lighting up with notifications, they can work uninterrupted and even finish tasks earlier. 

Get enough breaks between classes

The longer online classes go, the harder it is for children to remain focused on their tasks. Even 5-minute breaks are important to give the brain a chance to rest. These short breaks allow attention spans to reset and improve attentiveness. 

Frequent breaks also boost learning productivity. They can burn off their energy so that they’d be less distracted or even disruptive during class. Aside from this, having regular breaks can help them relax and reduce the stress that usually comes from having back to back online classes. 

Create a schedule

Map out your child’s daily online learning schedule to help them stay on track. This way, they’ll know everything they need to accomplish on a particular day. 

Wake them early so they have enough time to prepare before classes start. Schedule meals where your child can sit down, rest, eat, and refuel. Block off time for naps and set early bedtimes, too. 

Carve out time for extracurricular activities. Let them do some physical exercises. Allow them to explore their creative side by doing craft activities, playing music, reading books, painting, or drawing. Encourage them to pursue their passions even for just a few minutes each day so they can grow outside the online classroom setup. 

Reduce screen time

They’re already exposed to their computer screens for most of the day, so try to reduce their screen time after classes. Instead of letting them play on their phones or tablets, they can read or play with toys instead. They can use this down time to rest, spend time with the family, or help with some household chores. 

It also helps to create screen-free spots in your home. Don’t allow gadgets during meal times, or remove TVs from their rooms if they have one. Don’t leave the TV on all night as background noise, either. 

Connect with your child’s teachers

If there are any struggles or challenges with the online learning setup, reach out to your child’s teachers. They’re more than willing to help out, especially when it involves their students. Remember that they have the same goal: to make every online class successful, productive, and fun. Having an open line of communication with your child’s teachers is also a way of being proactive.

Invest in more reliable tools

If you have poor internet connection, consider getting an upgrade. And if possible, get a backup internet connection, like a pocket Wi-Fi device. 

If it’s time for a laptop upgrade, get an AMD A series or at least an Intel Core i5 processor. It’s also good to have a laptop with at least 2 USB ports so you can connect several devices at the same time. 

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The online learning setup may not be ideal, but there are still more advantages than disadvantages. The most important thing is that your children are safe at home. There may be challenges, but the good thing is that there are many ways to overcome these challenges. Having the right mindset, right tools, and an RCBC Bankard for easy payment terms and great deals, can certainly make a world of difference!