My blogging journey: From musings to influencing and inspiring people

March 17, 2021


I published my first article under a pseudonym. I was merely posting poems and stories I wrote inspired by boredom or hormones. I started having four readers who regularly post comments and we eventually found ourselves discussing whatever ups and downs we went through. A few years later, I realized that going through the drama year after year without really doing anything to make my life better was already tiring. 

I began to question myself. Is it satisfying to know that there are people like me who are stuck in their current emotional state because it means I am not alone in this rut? Or will it be better if I find a way to lift each other up and make a beautiful, happy life?

The choice

When my first blog's host stopped providing its services, I wasn't able to back up my so-called life's online journal. I felt like all my efforts went down the drain. In hindsight, it was actually a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to leave the bad, sad, and rants behind. I decided to start a very different blog in almost every aspect. From a black-themed layout to immaculate white, even the articles now exude positivity. While I still share personal stories, the goal now is to inspire people who are going through what I've dealt with before and let my experience be their guide in achieving a better version of themselves

The responsibility

A blog is a powerful tool. There is at least one person who will be influenced by whatever I promote -- be it an idea, a product, or a conviction. I have to be responsible for expressing an opinion. I must never underestimate the power of suggestion. I have to always remind myself that what I write will probably influence my reader's decision. 

I only recommend products or services that I actually use or have tried. The readers can tell if you are honest. I don't want to ruin my credibility because it will set me apart from the rest. There were tempting offers that came my way and I know there will be more in the future but I have somehow managed to always remind myself  why I started this blog. 

The journey

My main focus is my blog's content. I am aware that things have changed over the years and there are now many platforms available to reach out to people. I have started dedicating time to building my social media accounts to cater to more readers. The pandemic has also made way for people to spend more time online. I noticed that they read my blog but would rather have a discussion on the topic via  my blog's Facebook page. I am still in the learning stage and I find knowledge from reading stories of influencers who are successful in utilizing the social media platforms. 

I'm turning 45 this year and I don't see myself slowing down. I will continue finding ways to better  influence and inspire people. The future is exciting. I want to be a part of the evolution of  influencers.