Props you need for Instagram perfect photos

January 23, 2021

 flatlay props

Creating a visual story on your instagram requires more than just taking photos. In order to create picture perfect posts, you also need to style it before you snap it. Here are some must-have props I found online that you can use.

flatlay props

Table Cloth

Have at least 3-4 table cloth designs you can use as background when you take flatlay photos. I prefer this cotton linen table cloth instead of the printed cardboard background. ADD TO CART HERE

flatlay props

Dried Flowers

An assortment of dried flowers adds an elegant touch to your product photography. You can buy a bundle of dried flowers for 65 Pesos. ADD TO CART HERE

flatlay props

Woven Mat

A woven mat adds texture to a plain background and can be used for food, cosmetics, and even baby products.  I suggest you buy the two sizes offered by this shop. This enviroment-friendly mat is available at 48% off. ADD TO CART HERE

flatlay props

Tea Towel Rectangle Cloth

A solid color to layer your printed table cloth helps highlight the subject. This tea towel rectangle cloth from Olive Home comes in four colors: deep gray, light gray, coffee, and white. You can purchase this for 129 Pesos.  ADD TO CART HERE

These are the basic props you need for your instagram perfect photos. You can add more elements by looking for available accents you can find around the house.