Airfryer price comparison: Which brand gives value for money

December 22, 2020

 Airfryer price

People got to spend more time in the kitchen during the lockdown. Cooking challenge became popular and so is the airfryer. There is even an Air Fryer Philippines group on various social media platforms where air fryer recipes are shared among kitchen newbies and the pro in cooking. If you are like me who have not yet decided which brand to buy that will fit your budget, I have listed the popular airfryer brands and how much you can buy them.

Xiaomi air fryer

The Xiaomi air fryer is perfect for those who love a minimalist look. The simple and compact design will complement a kitchen counter that's uncluttered. It has a Smart Touch Control panel that even a newbie cook will find easy to use. 

xiaomi air fryer

The Xiaomi air fryer has a 2.6L capacity and retails at around P2,790. Click HERE to buy.

Imarflex air fryer

Slightly bigger is the Imarflex air fryer with a 3L capacity. It has a digital time and temperature control, a detachable non-stick frying basket, and can cook with a temperature of up to 200 degrees celsius. Timer can be set up to 60 minutes. 

imarflex air fryer


The Imarflex air fryer retails at P5,141. Click HERE to buy from Imarflex official Shopee Store.

Hanabishi air fryer

Looking for a larger capacity air fryer at an affordable price? The Hanabishi air fryer has a 7L capacity ideal for cooking big batch air fryer recipes. The control are not digital yet and it only has a maximum of 30 minutes cooking time setting. The temperature control is from 100 to 200 degrees celsius. 

hanabishi air fryer

The Hanabishi air fryer retails at P3,999. Click HERE to buy.

Baumann air fryer

If you are a member of S&R, you have probably seen the Baumann air fryer. The frying basket has a capacity of 3.2L. The digital setting has 6 cooking presets making it easier for someone like me who is not an expert in the kitchen. It has a 60-minute timer with auto-shut off and a temperature setting of up to 200 degrees celsius. 

baumann air fryer

The Baumann air fryer retails at P8,495. Click HERE to buy.

Kaisa Villa air fryer

Gaining popularity is the Kaisa Villa air fryer. This air fryer has a 5.5L capacity that can fit in a whole chicken. The 30-minute timer has an auto-off function and timed temperature control. 

kaisa villa air fryer

The Kaisa Villa air fryer retails for only P1,899. Click HERE to buy.

If you want to start eating healthy this 2021, an air fryer is a good investment. The oil-free cooking method will not only save you from buying cooking oil, it will only make your favorite fried food healthier. Whether you have a limited budget or you are willing to splurge, choose an air fryer that will best fit your need.