Ways to use twitter as an educational tool

September 30, 2020

 educational tool

Twitter is where you can find all the latest in #WhatsHappening on various topics around the world. You can get updates and new knowledge on current trends, events, and even about education. In fact, there were close to 600,000 education-related Tweets in the Philippines within the past three months. 

At first thought, people might not think of Twitter as a learning tool. But as a place for conversation and real-time info, it can actually be a helpful tool for students, teachers, or parents to enhance or supplement their blended learning. 

Here are four tips and tricks on how to maximize the use of Twitter for educational purposes.

1. Use Topics to see education-related Tweets on your timeline

People on Twitter talk about anything under the sun, and this includes education-related topics such as Language, Architecture, Chemistry and a multitude of interests and fields of study which can help students and teachers alike to gather new information and other insights or tips in learning a subject. #ScienceChatPH is also a great go-to hashtag for educational and active discourse about anything related to Science.

educational tool

To get education-related Tweets on your timeline, use the Topics that allows you to see the Tweets without completely following an account.

2. Tweet to draw tips and insights from communities 

It's understandable that adjusting to new normal learning is a learning process itself. Hence, it is important to surround yourself (online) with a community that shares information and encouragement on how to support distance learning at home. 

For example, some Filipino students are using #studytwtph to connect to an online community of fellow students and motivate one another. On the other hand, parents can also get tips on how they can help their children while teachers can use Twitter to get insights on where to get helpful educational resources online.

Connect with your communities on Twitter. To make the conversation more relevant, you can now choose who is allowed to reply to your Tweets. This is also a great feature if the class wishes to exchange ideas online. Here's the guide on how to do it: 

  • From twitter.com or the Twitter for iOS or Android app, tap on the compose Tweet button. 
  • Click or tap Everyone can reply next to the globe icon to choose who can reply to your Tweet. 
* Everyone - For public accounts, it means that everyone will continue to be able to reply. If your Tweets are protected, it means only people who follow you will continue to be able to reply. 

* People you follow -- only people who you follow, as well as anyone you mention in the Tweet, will be able to reply. 

*Only people you mention -- only people who you mention in the Tweet will be able to reply. 
  • When you’re ready, click or tap Tweet to send.

3. Follow and organize education/learning accounts 

In lieu of school assemblies, Twitter can be your bulletin board for real-time information on the latest news and announcements related to education here in the Philippines. Teachers and parents can keep track of the school calendar and other information by following authoritative sources like the Department of Education (@DepEd_PH) who regularly post updates on their respective Twitter account.

You can also enable the notification to get alerts whenever there's a new Tweet or use the List feature to streamline Tweets based on your interests. Think of it as a Tweet organizer: create one for school-related accounts, one for hobbies, one for fandom needs, and more. Here’s how you can create a List on desktop:

educational tool

4. Learn from interactive content 

Studying a new concept may take time, so having a visual aid such as videos is an interactive way to learn. There are tons of educational content on Twitter; you just have to use the right keywords. 

Math can be daunting for some, but EduCreator Peter Esperanza’s (@pedroj0se) #MathInAMinute videos are quick yet fun lessons on how to solve different math problems. Students who love History will also enjoy daily facts and trivia from The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (@NHCPOfficial).

Twitter can be both for entertainment and education, just remember to safeguard your account and foster meaningful conversations online for a nurturing learning experience.