How to Adjust from Working in the Office to Working from Home

March 24, 2020

More and more companies are implementing a work-from-home scheme to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. For many employees, this sounds like a dream (No traffic! No need to leave the house!) but there are preparations to be made to ensure productivity. Working from home is also a good chance to strengthen your values—both your own and your family’s.

Here are essential tips in making the switch from office to home office:

Begin with a grateful heart. In these trying times, the ability to work from home is something to be thankful for. You’re assured of a steady income and you get to stay safe and healthy and protect your family from getting sick as well.

Prepare a schedule and stick to it. Your home is rife with distractions—your big TV, that inviting bed, your spouse, your kids—so it’s important to make sure your day is structured like it would be in an office. Your discipline is a crucial tool you’ll be using as you work from home. Create a schedule that highlights your core hours and utilize your DND settings to make sure you can focus on your deliverables. List everything you need to do, include breaks, and if you manage your time well, you might even be able to squeeze a nap in.

Get out of your pajamas. We get it, they’re comfy, but you need to start your day like you are actually going to the office to put yourself in that working mindset. Think of these as steps that show your commitment to your work. Set your alarm, get out of bed, have breakfast, drink your coffee, take a shower, wear something other than pajamas and flex those working muscles.

Choose your work area. And no, it can’t be your bed. Your work area must be conducive to productivity and help you be as hardworking as ever. If you don’t have a proper desk, maybe use your dining table. Get creative. A good chair is crucial too to make sure you stay comfortable while you slay those deadlines. Avoid back strain by getting up and stretching from time to time just like what you do when in your office.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection. Connectivity is crucial if you want to work at home successfully. You will need to be as dependable as ever, with the ability to perform the tasks that you do in the office and communicate with your coworkers with ease. A slow connection is a productivity killer.

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PLDT is your partner in maintaining your dependability. When your internet connection is strong, your coworkers will be able to count on you.

Get your household onboard. If you live with your family, explain to them that you are home to work and that they can help you stick to your schedule by avoiding any interruptions unless absolutely necessary. This is a good chance to teach your children respect. “Mommy is working for the next few hours,” you can say. “But at lunch break, we’ll eat together and have fun.” It’s a good time for you to practice patience too because interruptions will inevitably come. You just need to be ready to deal with them with a cool head.

Enjoy your breaks. Good breaks help you do better work. Balance is key. Enjoy your lunch, have a nice conversation, play with your kids, devote time to your family and then get back to work.

Keep your spirits up! Now is the perfect time to enjoy working at home with your loved ones. #StayHome to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep your family connected and productive.