How to outsmart the fraudsters

August 09, 2019

Phishing is still one of the most effective way for scammers to get hold of personal information to access financial accounts. The identity thieves are getting better and more unsuspecting victims fall for the bait of voluntary providing information that can compromise the security of their bank accounts. Here are the things you need to know to outsmart the fraudsters on the internet.

Beware of suspicious E-mail

If you receive an email from a bank, ask yourself
  • do I have an account with this bank?
  • do I use this email address for this bank?
I have received phishing emails numerous time telling me to either update or verify my account or else it will be blocked. But most of these are sent to my email address that I never use for financial transactions. Also, I don't have an account with the banks the scammers are trying to impersonate.

Know the common mistakes in the E-mail

Phishing e-mails are usually not professionally written. There are spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. These e-mails also don't address you directly. The salutations most of the time do not have a name or title.

Verify your account

The phishing e-mail always have a "verify your account" link that will redirect you to a website designed to look like your bank's official website. The bank will NEVER ask for your personal information and financial details through an email link. 

Make sure that you are aware of your bank's URL and customer support email address. Some scammers make the link and email address almost similar to trick you.

BDO anti-fraud efforts

Last August 6, BDO invited the bloggers for an intimate lunch at the BDO Corporate Center in Ortigas. During the event,  BDO Transaction Banking Head Edwin Reyes shared with us the efforts of BDO in educating the consumers about the fraudulent activities of the scammers and they assured us that BDO has a dedicated team handling the issues regarding fraud.

Watch the video

Message from Mr. Edwin Reyes

Join the advocacy: #saynotophishing!

Pag meron kayang suspicious emails na natatanggap na ganyan, i-report niyo na, sa That’s one.

Tsaka tulungan po tayo. If you know it, you have to share it with us, and then we can help you based also on what we know.

Advocacy natin yan, we should not allow the fraudsters to win. I think most other banks would be in the same position. The industry should be in the same position. There will always be fraudsters who will try to prey on unsuspecting victims, so tulungan po tayo dyan.

If all of us do our part, again report it. Wag po kayong magbibigay ng impormasyon. Hinding hindi kami magtatanong ng ganoon sa inyo, so pagka ganon, suspicious na po iyon, i-report niyo po sa amin, and we’ll do our part. Marami na rin po kaming measures na ginagawa, on the technical side, on the cyber security front, through our partner, and our education programs.