Things You Might Not Know About Cremation Services

December 17, 2018

If you are planning your funeral, you may not be giving cremation the consideration that it deserves. You are likely aware that it is much lower in cost that a traditional burial, but you are also likely to think that you will sacrifice aspects of a traditional funeral that you may want to have. 

The good news it's that cremation can incorporate aspects of a traditional funeral while still keeping the cost down. You can still have a viewing or wake It is possible to have a funeral service in which your loved ones can pay their last respects before your body is cremated. Of course, this adds to the cost of a funeral, but it still saves the cost of buying a burial plot. 

There are a variety of possibilities with your ashes. You can have your ashes dispersed in any number of ways. You can sprinkle them on the ocean or bury your ashes in the ground of your favorite place. Unlike a body, the rules for disposing of ashes are not as strict. However, many people like to buy urns for their loved one's ashes, so they can keep them in the home. It can be comforting knowing that some of the remains of your loved one are still close by.

Another option that many people are not aware of is that the ashes can be placed in an urn and left at the cemetery. There are rooms that the funeral industry calls a columbarium. The advantage of this is that everyone can visit and pay their respects the same as they would a burial plot. Of course, there may be religious reasons that prevent you from considering cremation, but many religions have changed their theology to embrace a cremation. 

You need to find out if there are any issues that your religion may have with this type of funeral. If not, you should contact a funeral services westchester il business to find out the wide range of services that relate to this type of funeral. It is growing in popularity for many reasons.