Japanese Umeboshi Plum Health Benefits

July 14, 2017

I was not aware of Japanese umeboshi plum until I received a box of JustUme Fiber Plum. This plum has been eaten for centuries in Japan, Korea, and China. Umeboshi has a sour and salty taste and is usually served as a side dish. They eat this everyday in Japan. It is also usually paired with green tea. 

Today is my second day of eating JustUme Fiber Plum. I got really interested because I've always have a problem with my digestion and bowel movement. No matter how I try to eat a healthy, balanced meal, there's something about my digestive system that's problematic. I'm glad that it tastes yummy. I can actually snack on it. 

Japanese Umeboshi Plum Health Benefits

  • promotes healthy bowel system
  • good in cleansing the digestive system especially the colon
  • helps reduce bloating, gas, and flatulence
  • aids in weight loss
  • gets rid of bad breath and body odor caused by smell coming from the stomach
  • cleanse your liver from toxicity
  • high in iron, thiamine and riboflavin
Iron plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin in our body. It also helps us cope with stress. Thiamine, or B1, helps regulate our metabolism and digestion. Riboflavin, also known as B2, helps prevent migraine and is also used as a dietary supplement.

JustUme Fiber Plum

JustUme Fiber Plum is made from 100% Japanese Umeboshi. It also contain special proprietary blend of plant extracts such as mulberry leaf powder that promotes weight loss and controls blood sugar, pu-erh tea powder that reduces cholesterol and promotes mental alertness, lotus leaf powder that blocks absorption of fats, helps lower blood pressure, and controls developing fatty liver, liquorice powder that is good in moisturizing the skin and has antioxidant properties good for the liver, and cassia tora powder that provides nourishment for the intestines and eases bowel movement.

If you are interested to try JustUme Fiber Plum, it is available at selected Watson's Philippines stores nationwide. 

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