Seeds Oil: For Beauty and For Health

June 16, 2017

When I started looking for health supplements, the first seed oil that I was able to consume was grape seed oil. It has created a buzz back then for being rich in antioxidant and good in helping maintain the level of good cholesterol in the body. I later on discover that aside from health benefits, there are also beauty benefits like acne prevention, skin moisturizing and tightening, and minimizing of dark eye circles.

I was invited at the launch of MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor two days ago and I learned that in Korea, they are very fond of using natural products for their beauty regimen. In Hollywood, celebrities like Emma Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Megan Fox are known to be users of seed oil extracts.

Here are some of the seed oils that were extracted using Misso s2o

Flax Seeds

We often see flax seeds in our crackers, cookies, and bread. They are creatively added into our meals to make them healthier. The oil extracted from the flax seeds has also very promising benefits.

For Beauty
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • reduces unsightly cellulites
  • tones and tightens skin
  • promotes hair growth
For Health
  • rich in omega-3 
  • relieves menstrual cramps and menopausal symptoms
  • aids in weight loss
  • natural laxative
  • normalizes cholesterol level

White Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed has been around for centuries and one of the oldest seeds cultivated by man. It is also considered as one of the healthiest seeds in the world. 

For Beauty
  • whitens underarms
  • reduces wrinkles
  • promotes healthy hair and scalp
For Health
  • lowers blood cholesterol
  • helps cure sleep disorders
  • improves oral health
  • aids in digestion
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Black Sesame Seeds

I wasn't before aware that there is such a thing as black sesame seeds until I saw them on my burger buns. In Chinese herbal medicine, it is believed that taking black sesame seeds can heal chronic illness in three months. Benefits of black sesame seeds oil are interesting as well.

For Beauty
  • a natural remedy for gray hair
  • prevents psoriasis and eczema
  • provides youthful glow
  • protects babies from diaper rashes
For Health
  • promotes longevity
  • boosts vigor and vitality
  • relieves arthritis
  • prevents cancer
  • alleviates anemia
  • protects liver from alcohol

Chia Seeds

The chia plant is grown mainly for its seeds. It is added to food such as cereals, granola bars, yoghurt and even to smoothies. It is a rich source of thiamine and niacin. Oil extracted from chia seeds is as powerful as consuming the seeds.

For Beauty
  • helps neutralize oily skin and cleanses clogged pores
  • reduces acne scars, dark spots, and skin blemishes
  • considered as super moisturizer
  • prevents premature skin aging
  • speeds up skin's repair
For Health
  • contains high level of omega-3 that helps fight breast and cervical cancer
  • contains calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and zinc that is good for oral health
  • relieves indigestion
  • helps maintain normal cholesterol level
  • a good source of protein that helps build muscles
  • has 18% of the recommended daily amount of calcium for stronger bones
  • helps boost metabolism for weight loss

I was given freshly-squeezed seed oils during the event using the MISSO s2o Seed-To-Oil Wonder Extractor. This Korean electronic brand promises an efficient oil extractor which can extract up to 50% of oil from any small seed. The brand also introduces the concept of "superseeds" where consumers can experiment with their own mix of seeds to produce various mixtures of seed oil extracts not available in the market today.

And what do you do with the chaff after extracting the oil? You can turn them into flour and include in your ingredients to make a multi-grain bread. Check out my FOODIE CHEAT DAY Instagram for more photos of the food prepared by Chef Louise Mabulo and Chef Chad Datu using the seeds oil and chaff. 

MISSO s2o Seed-to-Oil Wonder Extractor is the winner of the Korean Super Brand Award 2017. It will be available in Rustan's and other selected appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about this product, visit