How I Trimmed Down From A Waistline of 35 to 26

April 04, 2017

It was in 2010 that I've reached my biggest waistline. I was 35 inches fat. But the main reason why I got committed to trimming down was my health. My doctor ordered that I have my blood tested for cholesterol, triglycerides, and sugar. You guessed it right. The results were alarming. The sugar was three times the normal. I was borderline type 2 diabetes. 

I was put on a strict diet. Every month, my doctor measured my waistline and recorded my weight. After eight months, my blood test results were normal and I was 26 inches thin. 

Here's how I trimmed down from a waistline of 35 to 26.

Reduced Rice Consumption

I'm a rice eater like most Asians are. The "rice-all-you-can" promos of restaurants has also encouraged me to eat more rice. I used to consume 3-4 cups of rice. Probably more if the viand is my favorite. A cup of white rice is approximately 186 grams. It contains 53 grams of carbohydrates and has an amount of 241 calories.

Fact: Rice is mainly composed of carbohydrates.

Medical studies show that high consumption of white rice is linked to risk in type 2 diabetes. It has a high glycemic index which is a measure of how the food affects the rise in blood sugar.

During the first  two weeks, I was ordered to eat only a cup of rice every meal. Third and fourth weeks, I was reduced to 1 cup for breakfast, 1 cup for lunch and 1/2 cup for dinner.  On the 2nd month, I totally gave up rice for dinner.

No Soda, Powdered Juice, Instant Iced Tea

It was not very difficult for me to give up rice. I wish I could say the same with soda. Although I drink a good amount of water everyday,  my meal isn't complete without two glasses of soda, iced tea or powdered juice. We all know they contain huge amount of sugar.

If you are like me who prefer a drink that has color or taste, you can opt for fruit-infused water or freshly made fruit juice. I know it's a bit expensive but it's a healthier option.

One Serving of Dessert 

I was allowed to eat dessert but not after dinner. It's either I eat dessert after breakfast or after lunch. This one is super easy because I'm not a dessert person. If you love dessert so much, there are guiltless options available. 

No To Fastfood

There was a time that I had fastfood delivered at home almost everyday. My excuse was that I was too tired or too busy to cook. I work from home and it's so convenient to eat french fries while writing articles. 

I didn't totally gave up on burgers, pizza and fries. I just made it less frequent like once a week and I don't upgrade to large the fries and softdrinks. Sometimes, I opt for the ala carte and just buy the burger.

Work Out

I used to hate engaging in physical activities because I don't want to get sweaty. But sitting the whole day or staying in bed watching television for hours will do more harm than good. Working out builds our stamina and strengthens our muscles. Also, sweating is our body's way to get rid of toxins. Make sure you invest in proper workout clothes and shoes. I used to just wear whatever is available. A good shoes and a comfortable workout apparel will make your workout experience more pleasant. Plus, it helps when I look good. I become more motivated.

It has been seven years since my 35 inches waistline. I'm no longer 26 inches because that was too thin for my height. I'm now maintaining a 28 to 29 waistline. 30 on the tape measure is a bit alarming for me. It is very difficult to maintain since I do restaurant reviews for my Snapped and Scribbled blog. I make sure that whenever I indulge, I work out.

Have you been trying to reduce weight? Or you have a fitness success story to share? I would love to read your story on the comment.